Danish Offshore Gas Systems will publish news regarding the North Sea offshore pipelines and the Nybro gas treatment plant on this page.

  • Trading prices of unbalance gas will be aligned closer to real market prices to the benefit of the shippers
    Based on consultations held with the shippers, Ørsted has decided to align Shippers' sale of surplus gas to the Operator closer to the market price with effect from 1 May 2015. The sales price will be raised from 50% of the TTF market price to 98% of the Gaspoint Nordic market price, and subtracted a fixed trading fee.
  • New capacity product prices from 1 January 2018​

    The website has been updated with new prices for the capacity products, valid from 1 January 2018.

    New prices apply to:

    • the Regulated Entry and Exit Capacity Tariffs,
    • the Regulated Capacity Tariff Reduction,
    • the Regulated Capacity Tariff,
    • the on account Regulated Volume Tariff,
    • the Regulated Volume Tariff Reduction,
    • the Hour-Ahead Tariff, and
    • the Off-Spec Gas fee.

    The Capacity Tariffs are indexed every 1 January in accordance with the Danish consumer price index, whilst the Volume Tariffs are adjusted every 1 January based on the Operator's budget for operational and maintenance expenses divided by the forecast for transported volumes for the forthcoming year as an on account payment.

    By the end of the year upon closure of the books, Danish Offshore Gas Systems will recalculate the exact Volume Tariff based on realised operational and maintenance expenses divided by realised transported volumes. Any over or under payment in relation hereto will be reimbursed by the Operator or invoiced to the Shipper. In the interim period until the outcome of the court proceedings on the tariff complaint is known, effectively no payments will be made as the Regulated Volume Tariff Reduction equals 100%.

  • Ørsted changes the balancing regime from a predominantly hourly balancing regime to a daily balancing regime
    The change enters into force on 1 May 2015, and is implemented by granting free of charge Hour-ahead Capacity corresponding to any curtailment of Shipper's capacity due to a negative Gas Balance Account.