Capacity products

Danish Offshore Gas Systems (the Operator) offers the following standard capacity products governed by Standard Terms and Conditions at standard tariffs and to be booked via the on-line booking platform.

Standard Capacity Products

Firm Bookable Capacity Products

Capacity product  Booking period  Commencement of transportation1  Earliest booking time1 
 Within-day 1 to 23 hours  Two full hours after booking 2 hours and 59 minutes prior to commencement
 Day-ahead 1 day  At 06:00 

At 06.00 hours on the day before, however capacity for Sunday and Monday can be booked from 06:00 hours on Friday

 Month 1 calendar month  At 06:00 hours on the first day in the month At 06.00 hours on the third Monday in the month before 
 Quarter 1 calendar quarter  At 06:00 hours on the first day in the quarter At 06.00 hours on the second Monday in the month before
 Year 1 January to
31 December
 At 06:00 hours on 1 January At 06.00 hours on the first Monday in December 


1Stated time is with reference to Danish time (Central European (Summer) Time). Latest booking time is prior to 04:00 hours on the Gas Day before commencement of transportation however latest booking time for the Within-day product is 2 (two) full hours before the start of the booking period.

Standard Tariffs

Tariffs for Standard Capacity Products
The Shipper shall pay a Capacity Tariff as follows:

(1) The Capacity Tariff ('ship or pay' tariff) is the summation of the Entry tariff and the Exit tariff stipulated in the table below.

Capacity Tariffs   (from January 2024)  DKK per kWh 
Delivery point     Tyra   South Arne
Entry tariff         0


Capacity Tariffs   (from January 2024)             DKK per kWh
Redelivery point
Capacity product

Day-ahead and Within-day

Month Quarter Year
Relative exit tariff 120%
100% 99,5% 99,0%
Exit tariff 0.011415
0.0095127 0.0094652 0.0094176
Capacity tariff 0.011415
0.0095127 0.0094652 0.0094176

The Capacity Tariff is indexed every 1 January in accordance with the Danish consumer price index, see article 9 of the STC.

Historical Tariffs

Historical tariffs for the period July 2011 until December 2023 can be downloaded by using the link Historical Tariffs  



Different limits of quantities of gas expressed relative to the Shipper's Booked Hourly Capacity 

Limit  Percentage of Booked Hourly Capacity 
Free Under-delivery Flexibility  0% (zero)
Free Over-delivery Flexibility 288% (two hundred eighty eight)
Storage Limit 2,400% (two thousand four hundred)


Storage Fees

Fees related to the Shipper's Storage Gas and Surplus Gas

Fees DKK/MWh
Storage Fee 2.5079
Surplus Gas Fee 2.5079

The Fees are indexed every 1 January in accordance with the Danish consumer price index, see Article 9 of the STC.


Trading Fee

Fee related to a Quantity of Surplus Gas sold by the Operator on the Shipper's behalf at ETF.

Trading Fee DKK per MWh
Trading Fee 26.5149

The Trading Fee is indexed every 1 January in accordance with the Danish consumer price index, see article 9 of the STC.

Shippers are invoiced during beginning of a calendar month for transportation services rendered during the previous calendar month. Due date for payment will be last Banking Day of the month of invoicing.

Technical Capacities

Technical transportation capacities are shown in the table below:

Technical Capacities  All capacities in million kWh/hour 
Delivery point  Tyra East  South Arne 
Technical capacity  12.60  3.441 

1) The Technical Capacity can be expanded to approx. 6.7 million kWh per hour by expanding the South Arne receiving terminal.

Shippers book capacity products and nominate at the Redelivery Point Nybro which deliver natural gas to the Danish transmission system. 

Standard Terms and Conditions
The Standard Terms and Conditions including Appendices A to C are available as files to be downloaded via links on the Booking Procedure page.


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