Booking procedure

Shippers requiring to ship gas from one of the Delivery Points Tyra or South Arne to Redelivery Point Nybro - please refer to the Gas Systems map – by use of Danish Offshore Gas Systems' standard transportation capacity products will need to sign a Framework Agreement and have a credit line approval with the Danish Offshore Gas Systems A/S, cf. Appendix A, prior to getting access to on-line booking of standard capacity products and nomination of Hour-ahead capacity based on Standard Terms and Conditions – please refer to the links: Standard Terms and Conditions and Appendices A to C. Earlier versions of Standard Terms and Conditions are listed under Historical material. 

This can be initiated by submitting a Request Form to Danish Offshore Gas Systems - please refer to the Request Form link.

Upon a Framework Agreement and a credit line approval in place, Danish Offshore Gas Systems will submit a user-id and password for accessing the on-line booking platform – please refer to the link: User Guide on how to use the on-line booking platform.

Shippers with reasonably documented needs which are not covered by the Standard Terms and Conditions may use the Request Form for initiating separate negotiations.

For a dialogue on access to ship gas from Harald to Redelivery Point Nybro, please submit the Request Form to Danish Offshore Gas Systems.

The license holders of E&P licenses under development/Shippers may submit the Request Form for pre-booking of capacity as a basis for an investment decision. Such pre-bookings will be binding in a limited period for both the license holders/Shippers and the Owner/Operator of the upstream transportation system, but subject to e.g. final investment decision.