Booking procedure

Shippers requiring to ship gas from one of the Delivery Points Tyra or South Arne to Redelivery Point Nybro - please refer to the Gas Systems map – by use of Danish Offshore Gas Systems' standard transportation capacity products will need to sign a Framework Agreement and have a credit line approval with the Danish Offshore Gas Systems A/S, cf. Appendix A, prior to getting access to online booking at PRISMA Capacity Platform of standard capacity products based on Standard Terms and Conditions – please refer to the links: Standard Terms and Conditions and Appendices A to C. Earlier versions of Standard Terms and Conditions are listed under Historical material.

This can be initiated by submitting a Request Form to Danish Offshore Gas Systems - please refer to the Request Form link.

Upon a Framework Agreement and a credit line approval in place, Danish Offshore Gas Systems will grant the shippers' individual PRISMA users access for booking capacity on the Nybro exit point on the PRISMA Capactity Platform.

Shippers with reasonably documented needs which are not covered by the Standard Terms and Conditions may use the Request Form for initiating separate negotiations.

For a dialogue on access to ship gas from Harald to Redelivery Point Nybro, please submit the Request Form to Danish Offshore Gas Systems.

The license holders of E&P licenses under development/Shippers may submit the Request Form for pre-booking of capacity as a basis for an investment decision. Such pre-bookings will be binding in a limited period for both the license holders/Shippers and the Owner/Operator of the upstream transportation system, but subject to e.g. final investment decision.

Kalundborg biogas plant

Capacity products

Danish Offshore Gas Systems (the Operator) offers standard capacity products governed by Standard Terms and Conditions at standard tariffs