PRISMA Capacity Platform

The PRISMA Capacity Platform is a web based portal which provides shippers access to create capacity bookings to the North Sea gas transportation facilities.

Danish Offshore Gas Systems offers capacity using the feature "Direct FCFS" on the PRISMA Platform. This enables the shipper to request and get the booking confirmed in one step. 

Shippers must go through a registration process on PRISMA to get access if not already registered. Hereafter Danish Offshore Gas Systems will grant the shipper's individaul users access to book capacity at the Nybro exit point.    

Shipper's registration on PRISMA

Access to PRISMA requires the shipper to follow a registration process. Please find more information here.

How to book capacity on PRISMA

Please find below a link to a short tutorial video explaining the booking procedure


Danish Offshore Gas Systems shall on a continuing basis publish information on the planned periods for repair and maintenance that is expected to affect the services provided by Danish Offshore Gas Systems.

The Ørsted group shall endeavour to carry out repair and maintenance activities as quickly as possible, and with as little impact as possible on shippers' transport capacity.

Maintenance or repair activities that necessitate a reduction of capacity are described in the table below. Shippers will also receive a direct notification via e-mail in case of capacity reduction.

 Planned activities          Consequence        Period          
 No planned activities               -        -

Booking procedure